Elpumps Vorfilter 1 liter

Pump pre-filter, 1 liter

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  • Filter with high-quality filter membrane
  • Easy to install and particularly easy to maintain
  • The filter is designed for a hose with 1" diameter
  • Protects the pump from sand and other obstacles that can damage the pump
  • Compatible with all Elpumps JPV 800 - JPV 1500 garden pump and VB domestic waterworks models


The prefilter must be installed between the water source and the pump. If installed at the outlet of the pump, the membrane of the filter will be damaged by the high pressure. Connection piece is not included.


Capacity 1 Liter
Intake / discharge port diameter 1"
Gross weight 1 kg
Package dimensions 140 x 140 x 210 mm


Availability Immediately available
Shipping method PostPac Priority
Shipping time 1-2 Werktage
Shipping cost Free
Guarantee 24 months

ISO 9001 Certified | TÜV Rheinland | Made in EU

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