Messing Doppelnippel

Brass double nipple

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  • Brass double nipple with male thread on both sides for connecting two threaded sockets
  • To seal the threads, you also need a thread sealing material such as thread sealing tape or sealing hemp
  • The double nipple is equipped with a hexagon and can be fixed with a wrench
  • The double nipple is suitable for both clean and dirty water in irrigation and sanitary installations
  • Stainless and corrosion resistant


External thread
3/4" 1" 5/4" 6/4"
Material Brass Brass Brass Brass
Maximum operating pressure 10 bar 10 bar 10 bar 10 bar
Weight 50 g 80 g 150 g 170 g
Dimensions 29 x 30 mm 32 x 33 mm 41 x 41 mm 47 x 41 mm


Availability Immediately available
Shipping time 1-2 Werktage
Shipping cost Free
Guarantee 24 months

ISO 9001 Certified | TÜV Rheinland | Made in EU

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