​About us


Elpumps is a European manufacturer of pumps that uses advanced technology to produce goods of the highest quality. Started as a family firm, the parent company was founded almost three decades ago by the current owners. Thanks to rapid and stable growth, it grew into an international corporation by the start of the 2000s. The Elpumps international headquarters is situated in Switzerland, while the manufacturing and development center is located in Hungary, within the European Union.



The company launched operations 25 years ago and became a key player in the Hungarian pump manufacturing and water utilization business by capitalizing on the uniformly developing European market.



Elpumps products are now sold in a number of European countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden and Russia too.

Through our contractual partners, the Elpumps service network covers the entire European continent. Our qualified technicians serve our customers by answering their operations-related questions and providing consultancy services and repairs under and outside of guarantee. Our aim is to offer our customers a quick and professional solution to every need that may arise.



Since our beginnings, creating value has been the cornerstone of the Elpumps strategy. Our aim is to produce goods of outstanding quality to satisfy the most demanding customers without compromise. This means that going forward, we will continue to design products with a long service life, optimal consumption, great performance and safe operation.

Our company always strives toward continuous rejuvenation, with progressive thinking and planning. Our aim is to make our products better, more economical and more robust and durable – even when they are used for the most demanding applications. This is why we continuously search for and explore a large variety of materials and smarter operating solutions to reach our goals.



The key objective of our research division is to continuously modernize and develop the Elpumps product catalogue by utilizing new technologies and modern materials with better specifications. However, the basic operating principles of pump manufacturing have long remained constant. That means that our products already use proven and reliable technologies, and only need improvements to provide more efficient and convenient operations and a higher level of performance.

Our customers can order our products quickly and securely from the comfort of their own home. We launched our manufacturer’s webshop in 2017 in response to increasing demand for our products and positive feedback from satisfied clients. We aim to build on our shared success and make the webshop available in a number of European countries so our customers can purchase our high-quality products directly from the manufacturer and enjoy the best available prices. To ensure quick and reliable delivery, we only work with well-respected, professional logistics partners in every country where we operate.



To provide solutions for our customers’ needs and to make our quality products available in more and more countries, we have formed partnerships with a number of local distributors. Thanks to our solid reputation, our network of retail and wholesale partners is growing. Our successful partnerships are based on shared values, a thorough knowledge of local needs, and our high-quality products and services.