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1.1 Duration of warranty 24 months
1.2 Warranty start date Invoice issue date
1.3 Geographical validity Switzerland, Liechtenstein
1.4 Warranty coverage Failures due to manufacturing and / or material defects


2.1 Please read the user manual, and make sure that the pump has been installed properly, and that the operational instructions have been strictly followed. Common problems that may cause the pump to misfunction include: clogging of the foot valve, clogging of the intake / outlet hose, incorrect turn-on / turn-off values in the pressure tank of the domestic waterwork etc.

2.2 If the water pump still doesn't function properly, please contact ag, briefly explain the problem, and You will be guided how to resolve the problem, or You will be requested to send the pump for repair to one of ag's workshops.


3.1 Pack the pump securely, preferably in its original packaging, including the filling materials and invoice. Notice: Domestic waterworks can only be shipped with "Fragile" and "Manual Processing" extra services by SwissPost.

3.2 AG will evaluate the damage, and will decide whether the repair falls under or outside of warranty.

3.3.1 If the repair is under warranty, ag will repair and return the pump within 14 calendar days. Your shipping costs will be reimbursed by Elpumps Switzerland GmbH by the time You receive the pump back.

3.3.2 If the repair is outside warranty (the duration of the warranty has expired, or the damage is due to user error), ag will charge You 40 CHF evaluation fee, 140 CHF / h repair fee, the cost of the necessary spare parts, and the return shipping fee.


4.1 Shipping

4.1.1 Damage during shipping
4.1.2 Oversight or negligence during transport

4.2 Installation and Maintenance

4.2.1 Improper installation, except if done by ag
4.2.2 Lack of adequate and correct maintenance, or done by a non-professional personnel
4.2.3 Installation or maintenance that does not follow the manufacturer's instructions written in the user manual

4.3 Operation

4.3.1 The product is not used for the purpose for which it is intended
4.3.2 Defects resulting from normal wear and tear
4.3.3 Abuse, improper use or unusual wear and tear (dry running)
4.3.4 Damage due to negligence or improper actions
4.3.5 Using a wrong current type (not 220-240 V / 50 Hz)
4.3.6 Operation that does not follow the manufacturer's instructions written in the user manual

4.4 Other reasons

4.4.1 If the type or serial number of the pump has been changed, erased, or made illegible, or if it is illegible due to any other reason and a clear identification of the pump is therfore not be possible
4.4.2 Improper storage, frost damage, theft, vandalism, accident, fire, water or other hazards
4.4.3 If any change, modification or repair is made to the material or the construction of the pump by any other party than ag
4.4.4 If the cause of the defect cannot be established unequivocally
4.4.5 Other reasons not related to defects in materials or workmanship

Elpumps water pumps are designed for domestic application and home and garden use.
Industrial use is prohibited.

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